Bristol Sunset Beach is the perfect holiday accommodation for surf trips.

Bristol Sunset Beach

Cleaning Area

Area equipped with a shower / water tap and drain. Next to the lockers.

Bristol Sunset Beach


Large specialised lockers in which to put away all your material, including surf boards.

Bristol Sunset Beach

Lessons and spot recommendations

Our instructors will make your experience unforgettable, providing all the information you need before and during the lessons on how to reach the best spots, detect adequate weather conditions and recommendations.

Bristol Sunset Beach

Equipment rental

Top quality material: wetsuits, kites, boards and helmets.

Bristol Sunset Beach

Training aimed at surfing

Learn static control and dynamic control exercises, as well as strengthening exercises that will lessen your chances of injury. Improve your physical shape to make the most of this extreme sport. Don’t hesitate and add some training to your extreme sports; you’ll obtain surprising results.