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My first single holiday in the paradise of Fuerteventura

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It was time to find a destination for holidays and this time I had no one to go with, because I had just become single. So, I decided to give myself a good change of scenery and go to Fuerteventura to visit a friend who lives in Corralejo.

My name is Begoña, I’m from Madrid and I love traveling. When I’m on holidays somewhere, I like to know everything about it: restaurants, curiosities, cultures and try everything.

I love the places of sun and beach, but, for one thing or another, I had never been to Fuerteventura or in general in the Canary Islands. I always wanted to know them, but in the end other trips were coming out.

One of my best friends moved there because she got a job there a few months ago, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get to know Fuerteventura and step on the wonderful Canarian beaches. My friend was going to be working most of the time, so I was going to have enough times to be alone and that worried me a little.

At my friend’s house there were family members, so to stay I decided to find a holiday apartment for myself, to be able to be more on my own. My intention was to go 7 days, but once there I extended the trip to stay four more days.

I was looking for something modern and comfortable, rather central, that would not give me a lot of work in my holidays, that would provide me with tranquillity and that would be affordable.

I found a modern apartment complex near the centre. My surprise was that I found it almost to the first by a travel application. Then, as a good traveller, I decided to look on their website and see their own offers and prices.

The photos on the web caught my attention. It was colourful and neat at the same time. I’m a graphic designer and that makes me look at everything. I saw the opinions on other websites and the establishment score was high.

It seemed a very cool place and I wanted it to be the same as in the photos. I looked at the types of apartments and I in love with them. It wasn’t only an apartment with a nice modern and minimalist decoration, but it was an apartment complex with a swimming pool, a rooftop bar (where you could see beautiful sunsets) and even a reception.

The apartment equipment was one of the things that made me decide. In addition to all the utensils and kitchen appliances, it had a dishwasher, so even if it was an apartment I would not even have to wash and I was told on my arrival, that I would have an extra cleaning in the middle of the stay for staying more than 5 days. I liked that, because normally in the apartments that I have been, no matter how long you are, the ones who clean are the guests.

The other thing that made me decide was that inside the apartment complex they have a club, called Endorfina Club, where they offer a lot of sports activities.


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In Madrid, I do yoga, so I thought it was a good idea to continue doing it on my holidays and, besides, by the sea, I thought it would be very special.

The photos of the facilities are true, the yoga room is perfect for meditation. There is also a gym where you can train by appointment with a personal trainer, also they offer kitesurfing, paddle surfing, surfing, rent city and mountain bikes and an excursion to Isla de Lobos.

I tried the different types of yoga they have, because I bought a bonus of 5 classes, which I then extended with one of three more, I also tried the kite course and made the trip to the Isla de Lobos.

Once in Corralejo I was impressed by the apartment complex. It was modern and care, with salt water pool, a chill out on the rooftop with a bar and even a laundry for a small fee.

The guys at the reception were always very friendly, from the check in, where they explained briefly but usefully all the services of the apartment complex and how to easily get to my apartment.

I picked up a studio on the ground floor that was cute. It had everything I need to make it look like my own vacation home, up to a Nesspreso coffee machine and a normal one. A few amenities such as oil, salt, sugar and two coffee capsules, until I bought my own.

The little terrace seemed perfect for dinner or have a little more space with the door open. The bathroom was modern, with a good shower, the living room wasn’t small, since it had the American kitchen and a glass table in the form of a bar. Well used.

Every day I had breakfast in the chill out bar on the rooftop. I ended up making friends with the team that works there: Arelis, Max, Ángel, Tamara, Leila and Leo. Breakfast was excellent and as I am a sporty woman, I liked that it was buffet and that there were several things to choose from, to make me a healthier breakfast.

Another thing I want to highlight from the bar are the smoothies, they were delicious! They made them with fresh fruit at the time. The views of Bristol Bay in the morning provided the joy to start the new day and, in the evening, watching the sunset, peace.


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I liked that the pool and the bar were separate. The bar has its solarium terrace for sunbathing where there are also showers to cool off. And the pool manages to be a quiet and relaxing area precisely because it is far from the bar.

My experience with Endorfina Club was very good. Being able to do my yoga classes, trying different types and with such a professional teacher made me feel that I had really taken advantage of the time.

I did the Kitesurf course to take advantage of the conditions of Fuerteventura. How could I go to the paradise of the wind and not try one of the most popular sports there?

Kike the instructor, was very nice and patient with me until I managed to do it more or less on my own. I know I must continue practicing, but I already have the base, and I will return to continue improving. I found a very complete course of three days in a row. One on the beach to know the basics of the wind, handle with the kite and the two remaining days in the water.




And finally, the trip to Lobos’ Island impressed me. I went with a group of four more people who weren’t staying at Bristol Sunset Beach, since the Club is open to all.

It was a way to make a plan while I was alone and take advantage of the morning. We stayed at 9.30 in the apartment complex and there they gave us wetsuits and they moved us to the port.

The private boat takes at most 10 minutes from Corralejo to Lobos’ Island and it’s very fun. We surrounded the island and they showed us the huge red crabs, Kike told us the history and curiosities of Lobos and once we stopped the boat, they gave us the glasses to snorkel.


bego Lobos

There were many fish to see and the water was totally crystal clear. It seemed the Caribbean. After a while snorkelling, we prepared the boards for the paddle surf class. Kike explained how to hold on to the board and we were all rowing together.



We reached the beach of La Concha in Lobos and there we went each to our own devices. We practiced and then we paddled back to the boat, where Carlos, the captain, had prepared some sandwiches, fruit skewers and water.

Then we went back to Bristol Sunset Beach and enjoyed on the roof a barbecue of sea bass, with wrinkled potatoes (typical cuisine of Fuerteventura) and salad. Another thing that I liked is that they made us some photos and sent us by email.

I was lucky that while I was staying, the Bristol Sunset Beach apartment complex was 2 years old and they celebrated the 2nd Anniversary. I thought it was a nice gesture to invite guests to toast with them and it was another fun event in which I had a great time and met people.

Everything was prepared on the chill out terrace, with appetizers and sangria or cava for everyone who was there. There was live music and a photo call with a photographer where I posed with my friend with the balloons. Then they posted the photos on their Facebook page, which I certainly recommend continuing to keep up to date with events in Fuerteventura, Corralejo and the apartment complex itself.

In short, traveling alone gave me a bit of fear / respect but both the Bristol Sunset Beach team and Endorfina Club as well as other clients made it an incredible experience that I plan to repeat.

It has been a very good holiday. I have really felt in paradise and will return to Bristol Sunset Beach to continue improving, thanks to Endorfina Club, kitesurfing and enjoy a few days of sun, beach and relax in an apartment for me, with all the facilities and services What I need. Without a doubt the best choice.










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  1. Kerri Leung-Sykes says:


    My name is Kerri Leung-Sykes, I have stayed at Bristol Sunset Beach twice and I loved it there I didnt realise that people could write blogs on your page until recently. Although my experience was last year I would love to write a blog for you about my experience if possible.


    • Bristol Sunset Beach says:

      Hi Kerri!

      What a joy that you love Bristol Sunset Beach! It will be a pleasure that you write a post for our blog. When you write it send it and we will publish it.

      Thank you.
      Best regards!

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